THE KREUTZER SONATA, currently playing in New York City’s Cafe La Mama, is a chilling theatrical event based on Leo’s Tolstoy’s novella of the same name.
What makes this experience so rivetting and compelling is the protagonists’s conlfict over his murderous impulses and action towards his wife. Although acquitted for his crime by a jury of his bourgeouse peers – wealthy powerful men – he still cannot find find peace within himself. Why? Because he is unsure what really happened – did he overreact to the events in front of him even though at times he can rationalize his actions. Was his wife unfaithful? At times the answer is of course, even without seeing actual adultery he knows he was cuckolded wasn’t he? Why can’t he get his wife’s admirer and musical companion out of his mind? Why is he going to see him perform a piece of music he hates? Lady and King MacBeth you are not alone in your guilt and hallucinatory fears.
One’s moral code maybe buried deep within, yet thankfully it cannot be done away with as easily as the overt target of one’s murderous and misaginistic rage.

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