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Clyde Haberman got it right: living wage in NYC not part of business agenda.

Some have said that being also to live with contradictions and paradoxes is an indication of maturity or intelligence. Well, maybe. However I am still more than disappointed about recent NYC Council actions. As Haberman wrote in the NYC on … Continue reading

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Progressive Social Policy Be Damned or Build Baby Build

On radio news today I heard of a conflict regarding a development project in one of the NYC boroughs. Developers want to a convert a property into a mall however the community is demanding that workers in the mall will … Continue reading

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Context Is Key

In Thomas Friedman’s NYT op-ed about the Afghanistan work last week, he expresses skepticism about the  increase of  troops targeted for deployment there.  In his discussion he states that authoritative dictates rarely change behavior. “People do not change when you tell … Continue reading

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