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Is Dullness Destiny?

In a recent op-ed piece, David Brooks cites various research indicating that most CEOs’ success is due to their execution and organizational abilities. These abilities translate into specific skills, such as attention to detail, persistence, efficiency and analytic diligence. Other … Continue reading

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Is Rebeck’s House Our House?

Teresa Rebeck has an established a reputation as a writer, most notably for the long-running television franchise Law and Order, for which she has won a WAG award. She is also a prolific young playwright and a Pulitzer prize finalist. … Continue reading

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Conflict Management – In the Workplace/In the Self

Many of my colleagues discuss the topic of conflict within the Board term and context of  ‘conflict resolution.’ I prefer the term ‘conflict management.’ Why? Because I see conflict as a constant is our lives, whether it is internal intra-psychic … Continue reading

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