Coherent counsel focusing on collaboration, conflict and resiliency

In the highly complex and competitive workplace environment, there is a fundamental need to identify and implement the vital, indispensable skills needed for realizing personal achievement. Mastering Jim Oher’s three essentials for gaining and sustaining business success provide the groundwork and foundation for every professional!

Collaboration - critical to accomplishment in the workplace. Learn More.

Conflict Management - the ability to avoid festering anger and resentment with others and within oneself. McKinsey study states over 70% of change initiatives fail due to unresolved conflicts. Learn More.

Resiliency - the ability to ‘bounce back’ from disappointment, frustration or unfairness, a necessity in the current competitive climate. Learn More.

For decades, O&A have successfully applied these principals guiding executives to realize their full potential while managing or avoiding crises in the workplace. Learn More.

Please contact us to discuss your situation and challenges and to develop a customized analysis and strategic plan.

The results are long term, effective and measurable!

Jim Oher Jim Oher

Oher & Associates offer a comprehensive range of organization and career-building services to meet individual and company needs.
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A dynamic coalition of top industry professionals, each with diverse specialties and extensive experience are available to offer counsel on an ongoing basis.
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O&A tackles challenging relationships between managers and employees as well as issues of leadership, motivation, team alignment, collaboration, conflict and resiliency
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