The Oher & Associates

Oher & Associates provides expert guidance and coherent counsel on every level of the corporate spectrum to resolve complex workplace issues which compromise productivity, profitability and morale. Uniquely applying analytical and intervention techniques, O&A successfully tackles challenging relationships between managers and employees as well as addressing demanding issues of leadership, motivation, senior team alignment, resiliency, collaboration and conflict.

In addition to the highly successful executive consulting and coaching practice, O&A specializes in developing, reviewing and analyzing employee assistance and counseling services for a variety of personal problems affecting workers and the functioning of the workplace.

Jim OherJim Oher

For 40 years Jim Oher has successfully empowered business professionals with customized tools to maximize career performance and connect them to their passions, talent, purpose and values. He skillfully analyzes situations, defines an effective, strategic action plan and achieves desired objectives.

“As a former corporate executive, accredited psychotherapist and group trainer, I understand the business world inside out. My proprietary approach maximizes performance, productivity, leadership and teamwork concentrating on areas of conflict management, collaboration skills and resiliency to achieve long-term, dramatic, measureable results.”

Jim co-authored and edited two highly successful books, The Employee Assistance Handbook and Employee Assistance Treatment Planner, both considered quintessential for clinicians, administrators, and human resource professionals. These indispensable reference sources feature leading experts illustrating their innovative and groundbreaking program and service initiatives as well as best practices for intervention, treatment, and prevention programs regarding all issues affecting employee productivity.

Jim is currently is a principal of the Boswell Group which advises C-suite executives on practical, thoughtful and confidential aspects of corporate life, many of which have complex psychological underpinnings. Founded in 1998 by Kerry Sulkowiz, MD, the group’s principals engage in issues not readily or constructively discussed inside or outside the organization.

Prior to beginning his own business, Jim led internal corporate functions at two major international firms after receiving formal psychoanalytic training. For several years he was an executive coach at the Academy For Entrepreneurial Excellence co-sponsored by the Business Council of Westchester, New York (and Westchester Community College).

In addition, for several years Jim Oher served on the leadership team of the Alexcel Group, a consulting firm of prominent international coaches and was keynote speaker at the WABC conference addressing the challenges of effective coaching. Jim is was also a member of ORGDYNE, an international coaching and consulting consortium, and has been on the faculty of the New York University School of Social Work and the William Alanson White Institute.

Jim has worked with many Fortune 100 companies and global organizations in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, health care, professional services, academics, manufacturing, retail, technology and finance.