Who Benefits

Executive coaching generates constructive behavioral change positively impacting and enhancing leadership skills, management approach and ultimately organizational change. The goal — to encourage constructive growth and sustainabiity — can benefit every business professional

C-Suite Executives in need of agility, flexibility and resiliency to effectively supervise crisis management, company contraction and expansion, highly stressful situations, change of job description/responsibilities, management takeover, transitioning to new positions, new organizations or new careers.

Executive Teams requiring cohesive, effective, collaborative working relationships to improve communication, accountability and individual empowerment and responsibility within the leadership unit.

Human Resource Executives addressing issues of organizational development, cultural transformation and change, high potential talent management and effective teamwork.

Entrepreneurs who want to optimize personal and organizational skills through management/career assessment and training focusing on transition and new ventures.

Women Leaders who need the tools to navigate and thrive in a male dominated culture. Special gender-based challenges are addressed including physical appearance, cognitive style, independence, and managing male or female team members and staff.

Professionals in Transition (emphasis on 50+) who seek a new position in a highly competitive youth-oriented job market. A detailed action plan helps reassess and redefine goals while bolstering confidence and interpersonal skills.

Industries including health care, pharmaceuticals, technology, financial services, banking, consumer products, insurance, publishing, telecommunications, entertainment, travel, advertising/marketing, arts organizations, foundations, etc.