Oher & Associates offer a comprehensive range of organization and career-building services to meet individual and company needs. O&A has a unique and effective client/coach partnership approach to maximize performance, productivity, leadership effectiveness, teamwork and bottom line results. 

From C-Suite executives and team management, O&A offers a comprehensive range of organizational and individual needs. Most executives can improve their collaboration and conflict skills and develop resiliency for long-term success.

One-on-One Executive/Business Coaching establishes an intimate, trusting relationship between coach and executive leader to encourage effective action and promote learning agility. Sustaining business goals while dealing with multiple and increasing job demands is often a focus.

Brief Targeted Coaching, usually 3 to 10 sessions, is a proprietary O&A issue-driven process. BTC focuses on creating self-awareness of existing strengths and developing new skills and practices.

Resiliency Through Hardiness helps organizations and employees survive, strive and thrive under stress and change by identifying and leveraging specific attitudes, beliefs and skills. More than coping, it helps individuals meet the challenges of change by recognizing opportunity.

Customized Executive Leadership and Team Development defines specific needs for top team alignment.  Diagnostics determine significant issues and prepares individuals and teams for increasing levels of responsibility and complexity.

Additional Services Include:

Strategic Capability and Alignment helps business leaders optimize personal and organizational success by leveraging their own as well as their staff’s capabilities.  The process concentrates on skills for effective team communication, collaboration, profitable practices, accountability and sense of empowerment.

Executive On Boarding insures successful transition to a new leadership role by aligning the expectations of managers, key stakeholders, peers and direct reports.  This process helps new leadership effectively work with existing teams while understanding the organization’s norms, culture and values.

Succession Planning provides an independent assessment of current executive leadership alignment focusing on key risk factors.  The assessment reveals leadership’s capacity to execute business strategy, depth of talent in key positions and planned/unplanned successions readiness.

Organization Development is designed — through an assessment process — to illuminate and improve accountability at every corporate level and engage management and staff to own and implement their decisions.

Cultural Transformation and Change helps create a more results-oriented and performance-based culture by clarifying strategic priorities and specific roles for leaders and their teams.  Effective teamwork and a cohesive group approach are emphasized.

Career Management focuses on proactively enhancing and bolstering ambitions and goals. A detailed action plan helps amplify interpersonal skills and detects abrasiveness or insensitivity.