» A Financial Executive's Perspective of His Coaching – Part III

Here’s another installment from Tom about our coaching work.

I’m an avid golfer. Before the days of digital cameras and email, I had a friend who spent about ten years on and off the PGA tour. He was an excellent golfer, and was always in the top five in driving distance. And even though his knowledge and ability were similar to the winners’, he never quite made it. I asked him why.

He replied, “It’s about the coaching.”

Seeing my quizzical expression, he elaborated.

“Tiger Woods and I both know the same stuff. Tiger travels with his coaches, and most professionals travel with one or more. I don’t. I have to videotape my game and send the tape back to my coach. By the time he gets it, views it, and gives me feedback, I have not only reinforced whatever I was doing wrong at the time, I’ve picked up something new to compound the problem!

“At the end of a round, a pro who travels with his coach goes to the driving range. The coach gives immediate feedback, so any errors can be corrected on the spot. The pro doesn’t carry those errors into the next day’s round. I, on the other hand, am left to my own self-assessment. And you can see how effective that’s been!”

The same holds true in business. Without a third party to help you assess your knowledge and skill against your ability to execute, it’s very difficult to stay on target. Continual self-evaluation of your own effectiveness can be exhausting (and fruitless). Get a professional to help you!