Given the intense pressure, overwhelming stress, unrealistic time constraints, evolving technological challenges, workplace politics and more, how is it possible to survive, thrive and deal effectively?

Resilience is key. It is an attitude and skill requiring a mindset and approach embracing the concept of being fully engaged and invested in the future. This belief allows for personal growth, courage, understanding and professional perspective.

Resilient individuals learn from failure and disappointment. They understand failure is part of the process and not a reason for retreat or denial. Instead, the experience becomes a lesson in self-awareness and creates a new consciousness and empathy.

Learning to cope is the foundation of resiliency. Coping provides the ability to sift through and integrate information, including data and emotion, and judge appropriately. The goal is to transform adversity and disappointment into opportunity, to constructively face stress and have the motivation, skills and attitude for productive, positive action.