» Transitioning a “Star” Salesperson into a Position of Leadership

A Case in Point #2

During a critical transition period, Oher & Associates successfully guided a “star” salesperson into a position of leadership as Managing Director of Institutional Sales at a prestigious international financial organization.

Oher & Associates Action Plan:

  • One-on-one debriefing sessions to evaluate such issues as self-awareness, collaborative skills, potential leadership style, response to stressful situations, etc.
  • Assessment and recognition of individual characteristics and skill development needs
  • Enhance awareness of organizational goals, leadership practices, performance and objectives
  • Help define stated objectives, capitalize on strengths, compensate for limitations, understand and resolve conflicts to gain trust/commitment from colleagues
  • Create a strategy for developing and achieving business goals as a supervisor, colleague and collaborative member of the executive leadership team.


  • O&A helped the Managing Director to effectively understand, prioritize and focus his strengths and establish specific performance and developmental goals
    O&A helped pinpoint and resolve critical issues — effective leadership techniques, assertiveness, conflict management, self awareness/self confidence — which made for a smooth, manageable transitional.
  • O&A’s in-depth knowledge of the corporate environment and politics were invaluable when the firm was purchased by an even larger financial institution necessitating clarification of the newly merged management and staff.
  • Ongoing consultations with O&A continue to offer sound judgment and expertise helping the Managing Director expand his perspective and be a valued member of the top management team.