» Improving Working Relationships for an International Retail Bank

A Case in Point #1

To identify and improve working relationships adversely affecting bottom line results, an international retail banking executive turned to Oher & Associates for guidance.

Oher & Associates Action Plan:

  • Establish a new constructive paradigm for staff rapport between the chief executive and senior team members
  • Guide chief executive to more effectively motivate and mobilize peers and direct reports
  • Help leadership gain better insight and understanding of colleague’s perspectives
  • Establish a new format for effective annual off-site meetings to serve as a catalyst for a cooperative, collaborative professional environment
  • Create a framework for productive, ongoing adoption of new skills and work ethic


  • Working one-on-one with chief officer, O&A gained his confidence, initiated an open, honest dialogue, created an unprecedented understanding and appreciation of senior staff members reasoning and lifted barriers to greatly improve communication and collegial relationships.
  • Chief officer adopted new conflict resolution skills, sought new opportunities for collaboration, broadened his decision making options, delegated more responsibility to senior staff and positively improved profitability
  • O&A initiated a dynamic approach, venue and innovative interactive agenda for the senior staff off-site retreat.  Successful techniques were introduced including role play, role modeling and case exercises. Executives were placed in simulated yet authentic situations to explore and hone their communication and collaborative skills.
  • O&A facilitated constructive post off-site meetings providing the structure to help staff develop ongoing strategies and tactics to achieve aggressive financial goals.